Thanks first must go to Historian Carter G. Woodson for creating Negro History Week in 1926 to celebrate the profound impacts of Blacks within the Diaspora and World. The significance in knowing that you cannot deny the impact of the ancestors that were deemed 3/5ths human (to codify the atrocities done), is something that cannot be ignored.

The pop images of the Black Male educators motivate the activation of voice like Melvin B. Tolson, the fighting the system Jim Ellis, to be academically fierce alongside the physical talent Ken Carter, the reaching other realms Joe Gardner, and the comPASSION of…

Jorge Fuller in thought.

MLK Day Reflection: Are we Living his Dream?

MLK Day is a day we celebrate the legacy and inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a Civil Rights leader that used non-violent approaches in attempts to eradicate racism in the United States of America. Today we use this day to reflect, strategize, and work the changes for all humans. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more than this beloved character, token standard, and activist that made White liberals feel safe to finally say shit to challenge the status quo. He was portrayed as a communist & trader, criticized for his…

My Response to the Siege on the Capitol

A tad bit of my back story: I am an Educator, Advocate, and Leader from Kansas City, Missouri that is motivated to live life not merely survive or thrive under its conditions. I ran a grassroots campaign for Missouri State Senate District 7, Titled Jorge Fuller For the People, challenging us to elect leaders that will be for the betterment of the people, not the systems that bind us. I protest the senseless murders caused by police brutality, the ignorance of a community of “houseless” people, and the continued control of power…

Sankofa to Awakening: Homage honoring Black History Month -Jorge A. Fuller

Recently I came across a former student of mines socail media post stating,

“…I don’t necessarily like Black History month. Mostly cause we have to be reminded where we come from which is an era of Blacks being beaten and ostracized on camera. I understand if you completely disagree with me but I don’t think this is an adequate substitution for the real shit that America owes us.”

I felt as if I failed them and if all they could remember are the parts of our history that are…

Jorge Fuller

Compassionate Black male educator striving to provide quality education for all. Fuller for the people is a slogan he lives with ingenuity and integrity.

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